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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: where are you located?

A: Our studio is located in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.


Q: What methods do you use to preserve pets?

A: We do traditional skin-mount taxidermy (not freeze-drying!). All of our forms are custom hand-made, using a molding and casting process to get an exact replica of your pet's unique size and shape!


Q: Do you have a Facebook Page?

A: Yes! We are Gustavson Taxidermy Studio on Facebook.


Q: Can I ship my Pet to you?

A: In short, no. All pets will have to be dropped off and picked up from our studio, as there are no shipping companies in Canada that will accept deceased animals for shipping. 

Q: How do I handle my Pet after their passing, to ensure they remain in good condition before I bring them to your studio?

A: After your pet has passed away, allow for the body to cool down and then freeze them solid as soon as possible. Curl the feet, tail, and head towards the center of the body (like a curled up sleeping position, this keeps the extremities from thawing out in transport). Double bag them in large freezer bags, or wrap them in airtight layers of plastic or garbage bags, to freeze solid. 

When you are ready to drop off your pet, place them (still frozen solid!) into a cooler (recommended) or box, surrounded by pink insulation, with some solid-type ice packs in with them. This will keep them frozen for transport. 

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